I'm not afraid

No i'm not afraid, to take a stand, to make a change in this fucking world. NO I'M NOT! I won't be ever afraid of anything! Even if i have to walk alone, this road is mine and i don't care what i have to do but i'll be the best! I have a promise to keep, dosen't matter if the road is steep! I'm strong enough to do anything i want, i won't ever back down, no matter what happens!
"I'm not afraid, to take a stand, everybody come take my hand, we'll walk this rode togheter, threw the storm, wathever weather, cold or warm!"
No, nobody in this world is alone, exept me, don't argue with me on this part. But, even if i am alone, i don't care! I'll be forever strong, no matter what! I have a promise to keep, and i will! No matter the costs!


1. Cum te simţi astăzi?
Praf in Ochi - Cum vreau eu
2. Vei ajunge departe în viaţă?
Kazzer - Pedal to the metal
3. Cum te văd prietenii tăi?
La familia - Ce mai conteaza
4. Te vei căsători vreodată?
Bryan Adams - Let's make a night to remember
5. Care e tema preferată a celui mai bun prieten?
Bon Jovi - I'll be there for you
6. Care e povestea vieţii tale?
Demon hunter - Blood for Blood
7. Cum era în liceu/generală?
Drowning Pool - Hate
8. Cum poţi avansa în viaţă?
Chris Rea - Road to hell
9. Care e cel mai fain lucru la prietenii tăi?
Praf in Ochi - In umbra ta
10. Ce se preconizează pentru weekend?
Dope - Die motherfucker
11. Ce cântec te descrie cel mai bine?
Brotha Lynch Hung - Art of war
12. Dar pe bunicii tăi?
Julien-K - Technical Difficulties
13. Cum îţi merge în viaţă?
Metalica - Creaping Death
14. Ce îţi va cânta la înmormântare?
Godsmack - I stand alone
15. Cum te vede restul lumii?
Blinded Black - Say Goodbye
16. Vei avea o viaţă fericită?
Tool - Jerk-Off
17. Ce cred prietenii cu adevărat despre tine?
Westlife - What makes a man
18. Sunt persoane care te doresc în secret?
Eminem - I'm having a relapse
19. Cum să mă fericesc singur?
Kreator - Violent revolution
20. Ce ar trebui să faci cu viaţa ta?
Papa Roach - Do Or Die

Who's next ?;))


Lone warrior, hand tainted with the blood of his enemies, his brothers have all but fallen in the last fight. He is now left alone, sword on his back, armor on his shoulders and faithfull horse by his side. The last of the great warriors, cursed to forever wander the lands in search of freedom. And now, he is but a shadow of his former self. Why? Where is the glory? The honor? All but gone now, and same is his heart, forever cursed to wander the wastlands of his soul.


I feel something inside me... It wants out... I don't know what it is, but i can't control it... It want's power... More power... What is happening? Feel like this every day, every second. I should let it out, but i'm affraid... What the hell is it?