I'm not afraid

No i'm not afraid, to take a stand, to make a change in this fucking world. NO I'M NOT! I won't be ever afraid of anything! Even if i have to walk alone, this road is mine and i don't care what i have to do but i'll be the best! I have a promise to keep, dosen't matter if the road is steep! I'm strong enough to do anything i want, i won't ever back down, no matter what happens!
"I'm not afraid, to take a stand, everybody come take my hand, we'll walk this rode togheter, threw the storm, wathever weather, cold or warm!"
No, nobody in this world is alone, exept me, don't argue with me on this part. But, even if i am alone, i don't care! I'll be forever strong, no matter what! I have a promise to keep, and i will! No matter the costs!

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