Song titles

I'm so tired that “I walk alone” I want "more than that". I want a girl with “lips like morphine” that can redefine the “shape of my heart”. I’m tired of “living in the shadows” of my past and I want a “good girl” that can be there for me “any giving day”. I don’t just want the “next big thing” in my life, I want to feel like “nothing else matters”. I want to feel like I found my “nymphetamine”. I want someone who will put “roses on my grave”. I want my “star girl” not another “demonology and a heartache”. I want to “blow” all the pain and sorrow from my “metal heart”. I’m fighting this with “white knuckles” and I’m “tired of being alone”… So as a the “fallen angels” that I’ve seen, I have this “pain redefined” in my heart… So this is my “anthem of the underdog” that I hope can “kick start my heart”

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