History repeating itself

It seems that no matter what i do, i end up loosing my friends, if it's for a girl or for something i did, or if they die, it doesn't matter at all... History just keeps on repeating itself again and again and again... Yeah well, maybe this is the way it should be, we will walk on the same road, or we may meet again and we will pretend that we are total strangers... Fine by me... But there are so few for whom i open myself in the real way and those people it seems i keep loosing... Fine, i won't open myself to anybody anymore again... Not in the way i did... I still don't know what i did... That's for one side that doesn't want to talk to me and for the other i don't know what i should have done... It might be something i said, or something i did, but i didn't meant it to sound like that or end up the way it did... And there i thought to myself that i found someone who i can finally trust but?... I was wrong it seems... Well, whatever i did, i'm sorry... I didn't want it to end this way. But it doesn't matter anymore, cuz in the end, nothing else matters....

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  1. crezi ca merita cineva notile si zilele tale de tristete?..nu iti cer sa fi tare..pt ca la fel ca tine..nici eu nu pot fi..dar macar mobilizeaza-te si priveste spre un scop clar:*